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Will golang replace Java?

Victor BjörklundVictor Björklund • Updated February 27, 2022

No, it is not likely that Golang will replace Java. Golang is a newer language that has gained popularity in recent years, while Java is a more established language that is still widely used today. They both have their strengths and weaknesses just like any programming language.

Java is a very popular language in the enterprise software industry while Golang has has a lot of success when it comes to networking and cloud-native software. There is no absolute reason why you shouldn’t use Golang instead of Java but on the other hand, there is no strong reason to switch from Java to Golang. One strength of Java is the large number of libraries written in Java that are accessible to Java developers while the Golang ecosystem is much smaller.

One of the key strengths of Golang is the better tools it provides for writing code that runs concurrently. It is possible to write concurrent programs in Java too but it’s much harder since in Java you achieve concurrency by creating and maintaining separate operating system threads. They are expensive to create and manage and it’s difficult to get them to talk to each other efficiently. Golang on the other hand has this built-in and is much more robust support for concurrency. This kind of concurrency is very valuable when it comes to building networking applications while the usefulness of it is less when it comes to many big enterprise applications.

To summarise, there just aren’t enough reasons for most companies to change from Java to Golang since the benefits for many companies aren’t that great.

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Victor Björklund
Victor Björklund

Victor Björklund

Victor Björklund is a full-stack developer and the founder of JawDropping.io. He has experience with Node, Svelte, React, Python and Elixir. At the moment he prefers to build amazing things using either Elixir or Svelte (This site is built using Svelte and the backend is using Elixir).

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